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POSITION TITLE  Chief Accounting 
DEPARTMENT  Finance – Accounting & Administration
POSITION REPORTS TO    Accounting & Administration Manager
INTERNAL    All Employees
EXTERNAL   Banks, Financial Institutions, Audit Companies, Suppliers, Customers, Agents, Azeridmanservis, Owners,  Legal Associations, Partnerships, Group Companies
Responsible for a complete, systematic set of transactions in a specialized accounting or bookkeeping functions based on uniform chart of accounts, accounting principles and local regulations. To realize all tax related operations.
• To enter expense invoices to accounting records in accordance with company procedures
• To prepare accounting and collection entries of income calculations
• To make accounting entries of company's assets
• To prepare depreciation calculations
• To evaluate exchange rates for balance sheet accounts and issue invoices for differences in exchange rates
• To prepare payment lists for vendors and personnel
• To perform work related to accounting transactions, capital movements 
• To distribute common expenses according to where they will be expended
• To perform all transactions in accordance to companies insurance policies
• To reconcile supplier and personnel and dealer accounts
• To support development in  accounting systems 
• To develop accounting reports on SAP 
• To make accounting entries of cash and banks transactions
• To reconcile banks account with bank statements
• To check cash account with physical cash amount
• To record and check personnel expenses 
• To check and record payroll account
• To control the financial status of agents in BOS system, 
• Making the collection from the agents, 
• Making the reconciliations and invoicing with the agents. 
• Making daily bank collection, payments of bonuses and all related processes. 
• To solve the financial problems of the agents and the players. 
• To solve the problems related with collection and payments of bonuses which arises between the company and bank.  
• To make transaction relating to agent accounts.
• To realize all operations  according to tax code.
• To prepare the monthly, quartally and yearly reports to tax authority and other governmental agencies.
• To contact with tax authorities.
• To participate in the recruitment process, to define targets, development & training plans and evaluate the performance of the subordinates. 
• To coach and motivate the subordinates for helping them attain better performance and job satisfaction.
• To perform cross functional tasks such as participating to surveys, business excellence projects, company activities etc.
• To act in accordance with the company rules and regulations.
• Cash/Banks process
• Insurance Process
• Recording invoice to SAP systems
• Monthly Closing of the account Period
• Arrangement of personnel expenses
• Counting  physical inventory at the end of the month
• Recording and checking banks transactions
• Preparing and report the tax and other agencies and making payments.
• Making  agent collection process and making reconciliation of agent transactions.
• To control the contracts of the company with accordance with present tax code and accounting standards.
• SAP systems development (including All accounts activities in SAP)
• To report to tax and other governmental agencies and making payments of tax according the time scope which is mentioned in local legislation. 
• To perform all tax contribution correctly. 
• To make and control agent collection process and make reconciliation of agent transactions.
• To control the contracts of the company with accordance with present tax codes and accounting standards.
• To provide accurate and punctual close of monthly account period
• Controlled general ledger accounts according to statutory local account rules and company procedures
• Controlled payment list must reconcile with supplier invoices  and vendor’s agreements
• Improvement of the employees;
• Availability of the EDD forms and Target Agreements of the staff
• Performance and development review meetings realized in accordance with the HR procedures
• Availability of the training plans and quality of management the training programs i.e. follow up, giving approval on time and etc.
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