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VAKANSIYA! Maliyyə sahəsində özünəgüvənənlər üçün 3000 AZN-li ƏMƏK HAQQI

JOB TITLE: Finance Controller
EMPLOYER: Car Selling Company
Job description:
∙ Being responsible for all the finances of  Organization
∙ Account management of accounts (AZN,USD,EURO,GBP)
∙ Weekly report on income/outcome to line managers, monthly report to the head office
∙ End-of-year report
∙ Maintaining financial security and controls
∙ Payment procedures and bank transactions under the control of line managers, necessary paperwork production
∙ Bookkeeping
∙ Financial information database
∙ Budget forecasting, budget analysis
∙ Contracts reviewing (with the help of the lawyer)
∙ Cash flow control 
3 person in hand
• Financial education
• ACCA F;2;3;5;7 preferable
• Experience in Big Four companies preferable. Position – Senior 2 and higher
∙ Proficient in English, Azerbaijani and Russian
∙ Minimum of 5 year work experience in accounting
∙ Excel,Word accounting programmes 
∙ Good communication skills, both verbal and writing 
∙ Knowledge of  Financial 
∙ Good understanding of financial modeling, valuation techniques and financial analysis
∙ Knowledge of financial reporting, planning and budgeting
Candidates are required to submit their CV to Bu email ünvanı spambotlardan qorunur. Onu görmək üçün JavaScripti qoşmaq lazımdır.
Salary: 2500-3000 AZN
Deadline is 10.03.2018

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